Start-ups, Innovation & Venture Capital

CQ Legal and Consulting is a modern and innovation driven law firm which recognises the importance of emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence and the companies that are leveraging these technologies to provide solutions to the global economy.


CQ Legal’s innovative practice area, start-ups, innovation and venture capital was introduced in response to the rapid acceleration and disruption of technology in various industries. This practice area therefore well serves start-up companies, investors and managers embracing the advantages of today’s technological advancements. We understand innovation and we are dedicated to supporting innovators.


These emerging technology activities take place in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. CQ Legal is dedicated to staying at the forefront as these emerging technologies continue to revolutionise social and economic activities. The start-up and venture capital space is rapidly evolving across jurisdictions.


Compliance with this overlapping regulatory patchwork requires innovation and cutting-edge legal advisors. Our team stays abreast of existing laws, recent enforcement action and decisions, rulings and orders, and keeps track of legal trends, upcoming legislation, and technical developments, helping clients to anticipate and prepare for potential compliance requirements and legal and regulatory changes.


CQ Legal supports companies in the emerging technology industry in bringing innovative ideas to life and in ensuring the continuity and scalability of those ideas. We ensure that these companies successfully operate their business within legal and regulatory constraints.


We provide tailor made services to start-up companies at each stage of their life cycle i.e. from the conception stage of innovation to completion. We assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, growth companies, throughout the entire cycle of an investment, including formation and business structure, angel funding, seed financing, Series A/B/C financing, recapitalization, restructuring, buy-outs, etc.


We ensure that we understand the technical nature of each client’s business and how the solution or innovation is intended to work, in order to provide suitably protective and effective legal services. We advise fund sponsors and managers on formation of venture capital, private equity and hedge funds. We represent such funds in all aspects of fund operation, including structuring, repletion, governance and investments in other funds or companies. We also assist in structuring and forming alternative financing vehicles, including tokenized and hybrid funds.



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