Land, Property and Real Estate

With an increase in urbanisation and a thriving real estate industry, the Land, Property and Real Estate industry in Ghana has grown significantly over the years. Transactions in this space have become ever more complex, and demand in depth legal analysis and due diligence. 

We understand that the most critical part of any transaction is the period leading up to signing the contract. It is during this period that the experience and expertise of our lawyers provide our clients with exceptional value. We make effective use of our experienced team  to ensure the cost of bringing your transaction to a closure is kept at a minimum. 

At CQ Legal we assist our clients during land acquisition, purchase of a property and registration and perfection of land title. We conduct legal due diligence through title searches at the Lands Commission, Land Title Registry, the Collateral Registry, Registrar General’s Department to enable us to ascertain client’s interest in immovable and movable property and reveal any conflicting interests (if any) in registered and unregistered property. 

Our land services include the creation of Security Instruments and Charges, assistance with land acquisitions and dispositions and joint ventures, conveyancing of property and registration of Land Title. 

Our service offering also includes providing advisory services on property development and acquisitions and all aspects of real estate transactions from acquiring land, residential and commercial property, reviewing and drafting of deeds of assignment, leases, tenancy agreements and evictions and providing advice on acquisition of property for development and litigating on property related disputes.  

Our clients in the Land, Property and Real Estate practice area are usually real estate developers and individuals who either want to purchase a land or develop properties.


Regarding our Property practice, our experienced team of lawyers provide our clients with services which cut across the application of Letters of Administration and Probate to the vesting of property in our clients.

Representative Clients:

  • Attafrica Ltd
  • Apartments Global Ltd
  • Winterfell Real Estate and Construction
  • Richstate Limited Company


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