Property Lawyers (Land & Real Estate)

At CQ Legal, we have a specialist team of Property, Land and Real Estate Lawyers that are based in Ghana. With our broad knowledge and expertise, we help clients in both residential and commercial property matters.

We also assist clients who are buying property or land to build on in Ghana and our team can help you navigate the complexities of Ghanaian real estate law.

We have many years of experience in Ghanaian real estate law and provide our clients with leading expertise and attention to detail. We help both foreign and local clients to ensure that transactions progress smoothly, quickly and in compliance with all the legal regulations.

CQ Legal possesses the expertise to assist its clients in the acquisition of land, property and perfection of title. Conducting legal due diligence through title searches at the Lands Commission, Land Title Registry, the Collateral Registry, and Registrar General’s Department to enable us to ascertain client’s interest in immovable and movable property and reveal any conflicting interests (if any) in a registered property.

Land Ownership in Ghana

Ghanaian law combines common and customary law concepts. Most of the land in Ghana is still communally owned by stools, however, a significant amount of land was compulsorily acquired by the state in the colonial and post-colonial era and some land is owned by natural persons.

Foreign Investment

Foreigners are permitted to invest in land in Ghana, but the nature and extent of the interests that they are permitted to own is restricted. Any person who is not a Ghanaian citizen may not hold a freehold or higher interest in land in Ghana. Foreigners and legal entities, whether or not wholly-owned by Ghanaian citizens, may therefore only hold leaseholds and lesser interests in the land.

Additionally, any person who is not a Ghanaian citizen may not hold a leasehold interest for a term of more than 50 years at any one time.

Our Services:

Our lawyers in Ghana offer a full range of property services including financing, acquisitions and disposals, tax efficiency, land use, environmental law, construction and leasing.

Our specialist Property and Land lawyers can advise and support you with a wide range of matters including:

  • Advising on tax incentives for companies involved in real estate
  • Commercial and residential property sales and purchases
  • Contract negotiation and preparation
  • Conveyancing of property and registration of Land Title
  • Due diligence
  • Financing of property transactions
  • General advice to property developers and Real Estate Agents
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Land acquisition
  • Reviewing and drafting of deeds of assignment
  • Litigation on property-related disputes
  • Negotiating and preparing leases
  • Property development advice
  • Tenancy evictions

About CQ Legal

CQ Legal & Consulting is a law firm based in Accra, Ghana that serves the needs of a broad range of corporate and private clients.

Our team of lawyers are specialists in Property, Land and Real Estate matters in Ghana and can assist both domestic and foreign buyers and sellers.

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and extensive understanding of the legal systems, cultures, economic and regulatory environment in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa. Total client satisfaction is always our goal and we see ourselves as an extension of our clients, working together to achieve your objectives.

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