Government Contracts

At CQ Legal, we understand that contracting with the Government and its agencies presents businesses with immense prospects as well as daunting challenges.

We therefore help our clients better anticipate and respond to evolving economic and regulatory climates and various government agency policies.


With our broad range of expertise, we endeavor to guide our clients through the highly complex areas of dealing with the government in areas such as construction, investment, local and international procurement, bid submissions, etc. To lessen the burden of confusion and stress that businesses are likely to be exposed to, our team taps into the broad resources of our experts to offer effective solutions.


Our firm is committed to achieving each client’s goals, rather than creating legal obstacles. Our ability to understand the workings of the government, in addition to frequent interactions with state officials, is supported by our long history of creative solutions and clear, actionable paths to achieving the right end.

We work closely with government regulators so we understand how they interpret rules and regulations and apply them to contractors. Our combination of substantive legal knowledge and practical experience allows us to mitigate risk and resolve disputes and allegations favourably.


From development and bidding on Government contracts, to financing, performance disputes and contract administration, CQ Legal ensures that your company is always treated fairly by the Government and its agencies. Our team is poised to assist you whether the issue involves regulatory compliance, litigation, or a transaction, including:


  • Construction, Architecture and Engineering;
  • Contract Management including Government Contract Disputes;
  • Defence and Internal Security;
  • Education;
  • Energy;
  • Financial Services;
  • Manufacturing and Products;
  • Professional Services;
  • Real Estate;


Whether you’re an industry leader or organization, CQ Legal is ready to help with all of your government contract needs.


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