Environmental, Social and Governance

At CQ Legal and Consulting, we work with our clients to create a more sustainable world. Environmental, social and governance legal risks touch almost every aspect of the modern day business. Like all practice areas, environmental, social and governance practice is an aligned practice that advice clients on the legal requirements under ESG in a coordinated approach, clearly defining rights and responsibilities, as well as a processes to ensure liabilities are identified, measured, monitored and controlled appropriately and in a timely manner.

The ESG practice area continually endeavors to ensure effective environmental and social management practices in all our clients’ activities, products and services with a special focus on ensuring that all activities undertaken are consistent with the applicable International and National requirements. We also work with our clients to ensure their investments, financing and projects are reviewed against the applicable requirements.

It is our firm believe that it is good business to be responsible and that ethos guides our ESG practice. We work together with our clients to establish and comply with national laws, international best practice, codes of conduct, ethical guidelines and internal policies.

Environmental Legal Risk Assessments

Under environmental legal risk assessment, we help our clients appreciate the legal framework as well as international commitments for our clients. Our specific offering under the environmental assessment offering include:

  • Organizational compliance assessment with EPA requirements.
  • Planning and approval procedures for environmental permits
  • Environmental risks assessment in corporate transactions.
  • Liability risks assessment in connection with projects under environmental laws.
  • Litigation and dispute resolution related environmental issues
  • Community negotiations and engagements on environmental issues

Social Legal Risk Assessments

Under social legal risk, our focus is on the social well-being of our clients as well as their interaction with the broader community. The focus offerings are:

  • Human rights policies review and reporting in according with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and local laws
  • Human rights due diligence and impact assessment for investors and relevant stakeholders.
  • Compliance and risk management for organizational health and work place safety practices
  • Risk assessment on business practice and ethical audits
  • Human rights litigation.
  • Indigenous Peoples rights
  • Cultural heritage preservation and institutionalization
  • Diversity and Inclusion trainings and reviews
  • We focus on data protection and security obligations for businesses in the context of a technologically enabled social world

Impact funding and Social Investment

This practice area champions the Sustainable banking principles as well as aid sustainable investors do due diligence. The practice focus areas include the following:

  • Green bonds and sustainability linked loans.
  • Impact funding and financing regime and due diligence.
  • Regulatory compliance and red flag due diligence
  • Micro, Small and Medium Size funding for sustainability
  • Women in business funding

Climate change and Sustainability Development Goals

In this offering we focus keenly on climate change as well as the SDGs. We advise clients on their pathways towards achieving “Net Zero Emissions” as well as how to aid in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our offering in this practice area include:

  • Renewable energy funding and transactions
  • Energy laws implications in the context of transactions.
  • Future-oriented development in our clients’ business models and strategy.
  • Climate protection related requirements in transactions.
  • Assessment of liability risks in connection with climate change.
  • Pollution prevention and Abatement
  • Biodiversity conversation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management
  • Climate change litigation.

Governance and Regulatory

CQ Legal has vast experience in company law and its associated good governance practices in terms of filing statutory documents as required and advising and training of management teams on good governance practices in a rapidly interconnected world such as US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Anti-Bribery Act, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Our company secretarial offering is to ensure our clients are compliant with regulatory and legal requirements under the Companies Act and ensure compliance with all other industry specific regulatory bodies.

We are able to assist in the incorporation of businesses with the Registrar General’s Department and registration with other relevant bodies such as the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), Data Protection Commission, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ghana Free Zones Authority (GFZA), Food & Drugs Authority (FDA), Ghana Standards Authority (GSA)and Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) amongst others.

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